Special Orders – Gorgets W/ Various Designs Sterling



GORGETS BY ORDER – MANY DESIGNS POSSIBLE: Sterling silver heirloom quality hand chased and repoussé crescent moon style traditional gorget EXAMPLES.

ONE – a  Tsalagi Cherokee) design requested by a Cherokee customer with  Cherokee syllabary.

SECOND – with a turtle and Pennacook style Thunderbirds (based on a design found in The USA state of New Hampshire done in copper from the 1600’s – sometimes seen as a swallow – a bird that flies with the Thunders).

THIRD – Kissing Otters an old trade silver theme.

FOURTH – A special order hunter of a deer

FIFTH – A turtle gorget

I have done eagles, bears, canoes, beavers and many other designs.  These are often  surrounded by double curve fiddle heads and other Wôbanaki designs.  Antique shell buttons with loops on the back are used to secure the necklace (see photos) (silver buttons are an alternate option). Signed with the SunriseDrum hallmark and stamped sterling. Twenty-two (22) gauge sterling silver with blue and white beads that are tube-like Eastern Woodland Wôbanaki style. Let us know your email and I can send a specific photo of what is in stock or one can made closely matching a photo or your design within a few days. Also type of beads you would like and silver or shell button style ends is important to discuss – we can make a shorter or longer size.


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