"This is a set of three videos that was done by New Hampshire public TV in 1989 for a a short series on Native Americans in the state of New Hampshire.

1) The first one was done at a Seacoast state park on Abenaki/ Native American educational programs I was doing in New Hampshire during the 1980s. It was a whole weekend then they interviewed me at home in Barrington, NH. Shortly after these videos I moved to the Western United States and Canada for work as I was told in job interviews for social work in New Hampshire, that is one social service director put it: I was "too American Indian and that is too different for White middle-class clients, which is who we mostly serve". in the meantime I had been offered several jobs in Oregon and Washington states decided to accept one at the Native American Rehab Association in Portland Oregon. Since then, all of my work has been in the northwestern states and the province of British Columbia, except for the four years doing my doctorate at Indiana University, and in my recent move here to Northwest Indiana.

2) The second video was about a Wampanoag Medicine man who was living in gramerbonussouthern New Hampshire, and how he was trying to keep traditional healing available for Native people. Medicine Story, the Wampanoag medicine man did eventually publishes book mentioned in the video series.

3)The third video was on Stephen Laurent, the son of chief Joseph Laurent. his family had been traveling to, and maintaining an Abenaki camp in New Hampshire for several generations that was now threatened to be destroyed with a bypass. Partly as a result of this video the bypass was never constructed. "