Basic fees for consultation and counseling are:

  • Hourly for individuals: $70
  • Couples or small groups families: $90
  • Small group including counseling, education and workshops (3 to 9 persons for 2 – 3 hours): $25/person
  • Large groups (10 to 19 persons for 2 -3 hours) - $15 /person
  • Larger groups (20 or more persons – same as education program rate – half day and full day)

Education programs for Schools (K-12):

  • $175/ half day
  • $300/ full day
  • Mileage at 25 cents a mile after 40 miles from Mishawaka, Indiana. (negotiable)
  • $150 for single or double classes for one hour. (mileage over applies).

University / College / Corporation workshops, in services & speaking:

  • Usual: $500/day plus travel and lodging.
  • Negotiated: Circumstances and budgets vary greatly. Please contact for other rates based on specific needs and circumstances.
  • Individual university / college classes and groups – negotiable.

Genealogy, including American Indian/Native American

  • Free first hour consultation and search. After this - if agreed - $30 to $60 / hour or other negotiated project fee.
  • Searches involving locating hard to find documentation (beyond online data bases) may be more and up to at $65/hr.as negotiated.
    (This usually includes an outline report and simple chart of what is found)
  • Searches of social and cultural stories in writing and oral traditions within families are often wanted as this goes beyond names and dates but helps piece together stories.
  • Reports – containing names and dates in charts : $45/page
  • Reports with names, dates, political, narratives found and cultural relevant connections and socio/ cultural details: $65/page

NOTE: FEES and SCHEDULING based on North central United States. We also travel to Canada, other parts of the USA and internationally as negotiated.

Payment is available online through PayPal and by VISA MC and Discover by contacting Sunrise drum, Inc. directly.