Large 16 point star 3.5″ Brooch Sterling 22g with piercework turtle


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Largest of three Traditional style turtle brooches handwrought by PR – this one is 3.5 -inch Sterling silver 22 gauge with hand cut turtle and star ray edges. This one also has 16-stars on the edge with stamped Woodland Wôbanaki designs all around. The middle section is a hand cut turtle to pull the cloth through – it uses a pin attached to the side of the turtle to secure it [see pics]. Surrounded by double curve fiddle head with medicine healing plants in their center – they then become canoes traveling in the circle offering healing for all and for Tolba [turtle] – symbol of the North America.  Trees represent our families and Nations, stars to remind us of our ancestors – to remember our ancestral teachings – [the way to heaven is the “star path” of the milky way].  Signed with the Sunrise Drum trademark/hallmark and stamped sterling.

PLEASE SEE PHOTOGRAPHS THEY ARE A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF THE DESCRIPTION, [See all 7 – you may need to scroll with the arrow to the right].


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