3/4″ Sterling Cuff – Woodland healing medicine plant designs .75 X 5.75


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Sterling silver cuff with double curve fiddle heads and other Wôbanaki designs – with plants for Mide healing.  Similar to 2 other 3/4″ cuffs listed but each is different. Signed with the SunriseDrum hallmark and stamped sterling. Eighteen (18) gauge sterling silver narrower .75 x 5.75 inches in Eastern Woodland Wôbanaki style.   Completely hammer hardened and the gap can be slightly adjusted as needs through careful pressure forming to a person’s wrist due to it having some spring flexibility.  It easily and comfortably fits medium and some smaller wrists.  This is a style for those who want the traditional Eastern Woodland double curve design for new growth and new life.  Curves represent the fiddle heads and young plants of spring with the new life energy found in this spring season. The trees represent people, families, communities and Nations… placed inside the double curves they become energized with new life.  Stars and moons remind us of our ancestral relations and with the curves become a prayer for renewal and healing for ourselves and our languages and cultures here in North America – Turtle Island (‘Tolba Menahan’ in Western Abenaki).  Each is a little different.   Let us know your email and I can send a specific photo of what is in stock or one can made closely matching the photo within a few days.

Cuff style bracelet have an opening of about 1 to 2 inches (depending on the size of the cuff) in order to put it on. Cuffs come in various sizes including child sized. An “average” cuff is 6″ (15 cm) of material.  There is some flexibility as it is hardened by hammering – it is not brittle or totally rigid as in a sand cast or soldered cuff. Each is hand-wrought to accommodate various sizes. If you need a tighter or looser fit – send measurements of your wrist, we can ensure the right size for you, no two pieces are alike. This 5.75 cuff is a little shorter than a 6″ for a snug fit on an “small average” wrist.

Check out other designs done by Sunrise Drum, as seen in the last photo above.  Other sizes are available! Contact us at patamburro@comcast.net.


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