Dragon Fly Woodlands style bolo- Sterling Wôbanaki healing plant designs



Handwrought 2″ repoussé and chased sterling silver dragon fly bolo by Paul-René. Repoussé (hammered from the back to raise the relief). Chasing is the opposite of repoussé, and the two are used in conjunction to create a finished piece.  Dragon Flies represent the four directions – Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest revolving around and cleaning our seasons and lives  on our  land – the great Turtle Island ‘Tolba Menahan’ in Abenaki (the spaces between are important rather than the cardinal points themselves). The dragon fly is also has transparent wings representing movement between the worlds through a veil.  The double curves and “fiddle head” medicine ‘Mide’ plant designs become canoes traveling around carrying the healing plants to help protect.   The back is secured with a high-grade jeweler’s epoxy – stronger than solder on this type of repoussé hand chased work. See our other design bolos – we have several turtles in stock. See them and others in the last slide. Each is a little different.   


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