Gorget – Panther with two Turtles – Sterling Silver


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Indigenous Woodland peoples of the Americas have been making gorgets since 200 years before current era (BCE). Originally intricately designed shell gorgets were made. When they started mining copper in the Americas, copper, then brass and silver gorgets were made.

This repoussé gorget was handmade by Paul René. It has the face of a panther in the center and a turtle on each side. Each turtle is a calendar, it has divisions on the back of the shell, which reminds us of the 13 moons. Around the rim of the shell are 28 divisions, representing 28 days. Around the design of the gorget are symbols for medicine plants including the fiddle-head fern, the first plant that comes up in the spring, reminding us that new days are coming.

Each piece of silver and copper work made by Paul René includes his signature trademark, a sunrise with a drum in it (see the pictures).

This gorget is 6″ across and 2″ at the center, the curve makes in 2.5″ total in height. He has made the silver beads to hold the sinew with blue and blue/white glass beads and bone hairpipes on to the gorget. If you prefer we can take off the beads and you can put on your own beads once you receive the gorget.

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