Ash split small basket – Red / Green splint & cord – antique


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Beautifully made vintage 1940s-70s ash sweetgrass & “store splint” 3” x 4”  small round basket. This one is similar to another we have for sale – using very traditional ash splints and braided sweetgrass “rope” but also a “store bought” cordage of the type sold years ago for basket weavers to “add to” the material gathered and prepared by the craft persons. The Elder who made this made it to look great with the extra bright  green cord– that is ALL traditional… nice vintage basket. Lid 4 inches  height 3 inches. Lid is finished with sweetgrass around the lip secured with a red dyed ash splints.  Cracks in some splints on the bottom which can be seen a photo provided, otherwise in great condition for its old age. [See all 7 photos – they have details on condition – you may need to scroll with the arrow to the right].

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 3 in


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