Yup’ik Inuit Rye Grass Antique Basket


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Aleut Yupik woven rye grass basket with a lid and knob. Possible age about 100 years old – had a not inside when we got it  as from “1920’s”. Called “Rye” or “beach” members of  the Yupik  rural Inuit community collected the grass between July and November and then hand stitched the coils. The decoration is dyed seal gut fibers. The height is 6″ width 8″ base 5″ lid with nob an additional  3″ so 9″ total height. This tight woven style basket is clearly an almost lost art with this very fine example something of Heirloom quality and superb condition from the past – and a great example for future craftspersons, artists, and collectors. It is neatly and tightly stitched, with only a few small sections missing or repaired.   PLEASE SEE PHOTOGRAPHS THEY ARE A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF THE DESCRIPTION as trying to describe condition is complicated on these antique woven pieces – there is always some were, fading etc. But also, wonderful patina that only comes with real age.



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