Hand Stamped Copper Hoop Earrings With Medicine Plant Designs



Hand stamped copper hoop earrings with Medicine plant designs – This is a style for those who want the traditional Eastern Woodland double curve design for new growth and new life. The double curves and “fiddle head” medicine ‘Mide’ plant designs become canoes traveling around carrying the healing plants around the hoop. Copper – when wet turns green ‘askaskwigan’ which represents life as in growing plants. Copper has been more valuable to North American peoples than silver or gold because it represents life, renewal, and healing. combined with our medicine (Mide) metal – copper. These curves represent the fiddle heads and young plants of spring with the new life energy found in this spring season. Copper has been worked here in Tolba Menahan (‘Turtle Island’ – North America) for thousands of years. Copper is red/yellow but acts as alive with moisture – it turns green, the color of life. Copper was worked as the main metal all over Turtle Island and into South America and representing healing for ourselves and Nokemena Aki (‘Grandmother Earth’ in Abenaki). The copper ‘wisôwahlagw’ is coated with Everbrite™ protection on the front surface so it will not tarnish easily.

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  1. D, Y.

    double hoop earrings
    Review by D, Y. on 19 Sep 2021review stating double hoop earringsI got a pair of these double hoop earrings and bracelet at pow-wow, Lebanon, In. 8-21, So gorgeous. So powerful. Excellent craftsmanship. Paul-Renee Tamburro was crafting new jewelry at this pow-wow. MoreStars, 5 is not enough!

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