Corn Husk Doll- Eastern Woodland – Water Drummer


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Corn Husk Doll- Eastern Woodland with water drum. The 3 feathers in his gustoweh (feather hat) represent the Mohawk people of the Iroquois (Haudenosaunee). Signed by Angel, a Mohawk, from Canada. “For centuries the Iroquois child has played with dolls, made from corn husks, some dressed, some plain. Traditionally, play dolls are made without faces, there by encouraging the child’s imagination”. The doll stands on a 3″ X 3.5″ wooden stand, it is 12″ high and 4″ at the shoulders. He has a beaded apron, yoke and gustoweh (feather hat). He has a water drum in his hand. Check out all of the pictures. We have also posted in books, stories of the adventures of a no-face doll: “The Secret of No Face”, reprinted by Indian Scholarship Fund.