Niagara Beadwork Heartshaped Pin Cushion – Vintage


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This Niagara beadwork heartshaped pin cushion “whimsey” is vintage.  This is a piece of history, it is from the Niagara Falls souvenirs tradition sold by Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) people beginning in the 1830s into the 1900s. This pin cushion is 5″L & 4″H & 2″W. The raised beadwork is on tan velvet with two beaded leaf patterns. The left  leaf is made from clear and green beads and the right leaf has blue and clear beads. The circle pattern in the middle has 4 yellow beads in the center. The dangles on the left have blue basket beads and clear beads and  on the right green basket beads and clear beads.  At the top the hanger is of clear beads and is still intact. The ribbon and a little of the edge-beading is missing at the bottom.