Mi’kmaq Antique Moccasin – Rare example from the 1800s




Perfect for those wanting to recreate or collect old-style Wabanaki moccasins. Great to copy an old pattern for dress moccasins. This is a single moccasin I bought years ago to copy an original old style pattern. The style is similar to many Northeastern moccasins – I purchased this from Preston Miller’s Four Winds Trading Post in Pablo, Montana in the 1990s [The Miller’s have been selling Native American historic and antique items for many years] – it was labeled as a “Micmac Moccasin from the 1800s”. This is likely Mi’kmaq or other Wôbanaki and the beadwork is wonderful for anyone who wants to learn and follow this old tradition of the Northeast. Style is 1840’s to late 1800’s.



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