Métis 2″ copper pendant w Wôbanaki designs



This is a new hand-wrought (Hand chased and repoussé) metal pendant – ‘anaskamôn’ in Western Abenaki. The metal is copper ‘wisôwahlagw’ coated with Everbrite™ protection on the front surface so it will not tarnish easily. The  Métis “Infinity – figure 8”  symbol represents the mixed “Old World” peoples and Indigenous of North Americans – the ‘Alnôbak’ or “Ordinary Humans” Indigenous to North America. The  Métis symbol is surrounded by “double curve” or “fiddle head ferns” and other Wôbanaki medicine ‘Mide’ plant designs become canoes traveling around carrying the healing plants to help protect. Copper – when wet turns green ‘askaskwigan’ which represents life as in growing plants. Copper has been more valuable to North American peoples than silver or gold because it represents life, renewal and healing. The necklace part is shell hair-pipe and blue mix beads (for the wampum beads that remind us of our ancestors’ teachings) strung on imitation sinew. All original work by Paul-René and signed in the design with the Sunrise Drum mark. 



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