Beautifully made ash sweetgrass & “store cord” 3 x 5 in basket


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Beautifully made vintage 1940s-70s ash sweetgrass & “store splint” 3” x 5” basket. This one is marked “CANADA’ on the bottom and came from a collection of baskets in upstate NY. It is using very traditional ash splints and braided sweetgrass “rope” but also a “store bought” imitation splint of the type made over 60 years ago, and maybe earlier. Many times, I had hoped for all natural baskets with no “store” material. But Elders who taught me often told me that ”oh, we put all things we gathered and made but also the GOOD STUFF from the store – isn’t it nice?” or similar. The point is the Elder made  it to look great – that is ALL traditional… nice vintage basket. Lid 5 inches height 3 inches. One small spot of damaged splint can be seen in last photo, otherwise seems in great condition for its old age.



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