Cultural Center & Shop in Mishawaka, Indiana


The Cultural Center

The Indigenous cultural center includes Native American/American Indianarts and crafts from 45 years of collecting interesting and beautiful items. We have used this material culture teach about various Indigenous cultures, with a focus on woodland cultures of this area. We provide stories and background information of many of the Native Nations where the items made. This is also part of the experience in the cultural center. Visitors often comment on the wide variety of Indigenous material culture in the center.

Some items available include:

*Silver & Copper Work by Paul-René Tamburro   *Antique and vintage items                    *Art - pictures, carvings            *Bags, Pouches, Purses       *Beads & Beadwork     *Books    *Bracelets & cuffs    *Carvings    *Chokers  *Earrings   *Fans, feathers   *Hats, hatbands, caps  *Knives, Sheaths, & Crooked Knives *Latin and South American Items    *Moccasins - adult and children   *Necklaces & Pendant   *Porcupine Quillwork - bags, glasses cases, hatbands, boxes       *Southwestern Jewelry - earrings, rings, pins, necklaces     *Toys and Dolls       *Traditional clothing         *Wood & Bark items - morter & pestle, small canoes, bark boxes, carved dance sticks, etc.

We have contacts to find other items in our network of Indigenous artists and craftsworkers.

Contact us if you have quesitons about an item: Paul-René (219) 781-8894 or Andrea (219) 781-8342

Workshops & Craft Materials 


Have questions about smudging or circle talk?  We can answer your questions.

You can also enhance your skills in some Indigenous crafts by attending some of our workshops or receive individual instruction on skills such as beadwork, porcupine quillwork, and wood carving.  If you want to make items we have materials such as beads, goose feathers, porcupine quills.

Sunrise Drum
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129 N. West St. Mishawaka, IN

219-781-8894 Paul-Rene Tamburro, PhD

219-781-8342 Andrea Tamburro, EdD

We are often at the shop, however, please call ahead. We are sometimes out finding new items or giving talks and workshops, attending powwows and other events.